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The Mutuals in 1923

—Photo Courtesy Joan Scahill

August 1923: Return from winning National Singles Championship in Baltimore. Champion Algie McGuire in white with sailor cap.

L to R: Irving Barrett, Mike Daley, Leo Sullivan, Ed Dray, Husky Lampsher, Vic Sullivan, Algie McGuire, Bill Meegan,

Jim Nelson, Joe Cullen, Dan Bouguard, Denis Driscoll,

John P. Sullivan Jr., Tim Meegan.

taken in front of the MRC boathouse at 148 South St.

Homage was paid by the architect of MUTUAL RIVERFRONT PARK in recreating the original boathouse motif of the Mutual Rowing Club and incorporating it into the facility. Located at the end of Hamburg Street, the property lies directly across from the former homes of MRC founder James E. Sullivan and his brother, Alderman John P. Sullivan.   photo by Barbara Sullivan

Mutual Riverfront Park

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Dorothy Wolf Nelson generously contributed copies of these two great MRC photos. Above: This is possibly Jim Sullivan, MRC founder. Below, an aerial shot of the corner of Hamburg and South Streets taken from the hoists at the Buffalo Furnace Co. The MRC building is at center. The two tents set up flanking the clubhouse most likely have to do with the annual MRC Regatta. We’re guessing circa 1910-14.